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Health maintenance is a DIY project. It requires effort and understanding. At i2i Network we provide education and training for the Interactive Query System (IQS™), a tool which offers its users a way to communicate with the body directly and access its internal healing ability. We invite you to learn more about what this exciting new technology can mean for you.


The Interactive Query System (IQS™) allows users to communicate with the body and utilize its internal diagnostic and healing abilities. The IQS™ can be used to test allergies, provide nutritional insight, and help maintain overall wellness.

At i2i Network we offer local seminars, personal consulting, and regular webinars for the IQS™ in order to provide professional hands-on training and to ensure the success of each individual user.

We are a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to educating our users and enabling them to provide effective treatment to their clients. Dr. H. Roy Curtin, founder and president of i2i Network, is the inventor of the IQS™ and since the mid 70’s has been a forerunner of this vital technology.

IQS™3 Now Available!


Now in its 3rd revision, the IQS™3 is a powerful tool to help healthcare practitioners understand and communicate with their clients. The IQS™3 is unique in its capabilities and unmatched in speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how you can own the latest version of this wonderful technology.


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